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Looks Like You’re Drinking Mezcal This Week

Mezcal, Mole and Other Oaxacan Excellence in Oakland

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“Come, let us journey to Uptown Oakland for the drinking of mezcal and the prolonged experiencing of delight.”

Never say that.

Except maybe on Wednesday. You can maybe say that on Wednesday.

Because that’s when Agave Uptown opens. It’s a glowing tribute to Oaxaca, it looks like this, and it tastes like this.

What you have here is the bigger, more mezcal-forward iteration of Healdsburg’s Agave. It’s warm and cozy, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a mural depicting a coa-wielding jimador standing among agave plants. All of that should serve quite well in the way of warming you up to sample from their extensive selection of small-batch mezcals.

Swing by on your way to a show at the Fox and do just that. Pull up one of those bright stools at the bar and share a tlayuda with your date. It’s like a pizza, but it involves mole. So it’s like a better pizza.

Or if it’s a post-show scenario you’re after, find yourselves a table and dive into a full-on, mole-topped feast. Chicken mole. Chicken mole with tamales. Enmoladas. It goes on.

And bonus points for identifying the 20-plus secret ingredients that go into the sauce.

Hint: one of them is probably salt.


Agave Uptown
2135 Franklin St
(at Broadway and 22nd)
Oakland, CA, 94612


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