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Warren Schwartz Is Handmaking You Soft-Serve in Silver Lake

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Face it.

This whole relationship would be for naught if we didn’t have ice cream from a notable chef for you this weekend.

Like Magpies Softserve, where pliable, swirly ice cream is handmade by former Patina and Westside Tavern chef Warren Schwartz. It’s now open in Silver Lake, and here’s the slideshow to help you be less hot.

Big Gay Ice Cream still hasn’t arrived. But now, you have Schwartz and his wife on soft-serve duty, and they’re making everything from scratch, from the flavors to the toppings. Fun name, too. Magpies.

Anyway, you’ll visit after your next Griffith Park hike. Or post-sweating-out-a-vital-timepiece-decision at Shinola. Or just because ice cream is delicious and it’s roughly 736 degrees out there.

Enter this small, tile-forward shop and find seven daily rotating flavors. Procure something like yuzu honey, Thai iced tea or cortadito. Top it with chocolate honeycomb, salted caramel sauce or butterscotch Rice Krispies. But those are just serving suggestions.

Whatever you get, consider pairing it with a cold-brew from City Bean. Or cut straight to a coffee float. And then, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the eventual arrival of ice cream cakes and milkshakes.

So many effective ways of getting ice cream into yourself these days.


Magpies Softserve
2660 Griffith Park Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90039


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