The Beachy Grecian Hotel of Your Daydreams

Hammocks, DJs and Your Very Own Swim-Up Villa

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First things first.

Are you an adult?

If the answer to that question is no, stop reading. Go away, put some more time under your belt and then come back to see us.

Because Casa Cook Rhodes is a new “no non-adults allowed” hotel with 90 rooms—all with direct pool access—now open in Kolymbia. For your reference, that’s a small seaside town on the mid-eastern coastline of Rhodes, Greece. And for even further reference, there’s this slideshow.

Something tells us you don’t need to be sold on this place, so we’ll just jump right into three things you’ll do when you inevitably find yourself there.

1. Grab a DJ-side communal table in the restaurant for things like foie gras, grilled ostrich and saganaki. Appreciate that they could be made with edible herbs from the on-site greenhouse.

2. Get in some physical fitness. Like going to a yoga class on the open-air terrace or taking one of the hotel’s Electra beach cruisers out to explore the neighborhood. No one said physical fitness had to suck.

3. Stop by their concept store and impulse buy anything from hammocks to sandals to small-batch olive oil.

And then prepare for “My friend went all the way to Kolymbia and all I got was olive oil” jokes.

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