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Rating Last Week’s Style Advice

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There’s a lot of men’s style advice rattling around the corners of the Internet every week. Some of it ends up gospel for you, some of it you’ve heard a thousand times before, some of it was clearly written to fill a blog quota. Which is why we’re here with Grading the Teachers, your guide to the latest advice from the menswear world.

How to Wear a Camp-Collar ShirtMr. Porter: The Daily
What it is: Useful pairing advice for the shirt of the season.
When you’ll use it: When fighting the oppression of the office.
Best line: “Now this is more the variety of camp-collar shirt we have come to know and fear.”
Rating: 9. Excellent pairing ideas and a reminder that the camp shirt can be versatile despite all evidence to the contrary.

Three Ways to Wear a Band T-Shirt This SummerGQ
What it is: A set of sartorial vibes to match with tour merch or faux tour merch tees.
When you’ll use it: When the plain black heather tee just isn’t doing it anymore.
Best line: “If you’re more of a Jeff Spicoli than a Bruce Springsteen, slip-on sneakers and cheeky cotton shorts are the more appropriate choice.”
Rating: 7. Appreciation for the fact that they completely avoided an all-black ensemble. But while we too are apt to get carried away with costly items sometimes, there is a (admittedly very cool) Stone Temple Pilots tee from Fear of God that rings in at $1,134. Come now.

Five Cool Ways to Wear All-Black (Even When It’s Hot)D’Marge
What it is: The other side of the spectrum—a full commitment to the darkest of colors.
When you’ll use it: Trips to New York, anytime you’re in doubt.
Best line: “Or perhaps your attempts at noirish, Japanese style is more Count Dracula (is that blood or Shiraz in your wine glass?)”
Rating: 9. Quite comprehensive, and really runs the gamut from ultra-casual to formal.

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