Happy Summer. Let’s Talk Weekend Getaways.

A Tiny Waterfront Spot in an Old Art Colony. A Massive Museum-Hotel in Oklahoma. Your Call.

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None 19 Photos 250 Main and 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City
Ah, officially summer at last.

And with it, unofficially three-day-weekend season.

And with it, the coming of two new hotels that may exist for the very purpose of quick-yet-definitely-worth-it getaways.

Some may use the word “fate.”

We’ll just point a knowing finger at 250 Main in Maine and 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City, a couple of hotels that are open now for your visiting pleasure. Let’s break them down more thoroughly, shall we...

250 Main
What: A beautiful 26-room boutique hotel (pictured) in a particularly art-appreciative coastal town.
Where: That would be Rockland, Maine.
To Do What: Visit the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. Eat some local halibut and lobster at Primo, a nearby Beard-winning spot. Point at a lighthouse, at some point.
Let’s See Some Photos: Right this way.
Keywords: Waterfront. Balconies. Charming. Lobster. Third-date-worthy.

21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City
What: An ex-assembly-plant turned museum-hotel hybrid from the team behind 21c in Louisville and elsewhere. Which means you’ve got an enormous spot with rotating exhibitions, glass windows overlooking the city, numerous art-filled galleries, two restaurants and huge loft suites filled with sleek, modern furniture.
Where: See above.
To Do What: See a fog-emitting, 16-foot-high steel tree. Try the lamb ribs or porchetta with stone fruit in their on-site restaurant. Peruse the galleries.
Let’s See Some Photos: Sure.
Keywords: Industrial. Modern art. Floor-to-ceiling windows. Rooftop terrace.

The time to acquire an art-loving travel buddy is now.

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