Grading the Teachers

Rating Last Week’s Style Advice

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
There’s a lot of men’s style advice rattling around the corners of the Internet every week. Some of it ends up gospel for you, some of it you’ve heard a thousand times before, some of it was clearly written to fill a blog quota. Which is why we’re here with Grading the Teachers, your guide to the latest advice from the menswear world.

Nine Un-Preppy Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt Right NowGQ
What it is: A slideshow of polo-wearers who don’t appear to be anywhere near a cape.
When you’ll use it: All season. You need to have polos in your arsenal. You don’t need to look like a “polo guy.”
Best line: “We see you on that hoverboard, Jamie Foxx.”
Rating: 8. Good looks. Good advice. Good tempering praise by shaming Jamie Foxx’s hoverboard.

Here’s How Every Guy Can Get the Perfect HaircutEsquire
What it is: Five steps to allegedly perfect hair.
When you’ll use it: Before your hair is gone for good.
Best line: N/A
Rating: 4. Not bad advice or anything. But “choose the right barber” is a step.

Five Go-To Date Night Looks for MenFashionBeans
What it is: Date looks based on date type.
When you’ll use it: Come on.
Best line: “Take your cue from Suits’ Harvey Specter—you know, the guy who is always decked out in peak-lapelled Tom Ford power tailoring. In fact, buy a Tom Ford suit if you can afford it.”
Rating: 7. Solid advice, well-considered scenarios, not overly creative.

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