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Reasons You Should Take Up Boxing This Summer...

1. This Boxing Gym

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If there were ever a time to pick up a pair of gloves, step into the ring and launch your amateur boxing career, well...


Tomorrow would be that time.

Because, hailing from the streets of Logan Square, it’s Unanimous Boxing Gym—an unexpectedly elevated place to lift heavy things and train with a professional boxer. It soft-opens tomorrow, and these words lead to its slideshow.

You’ll start on the main floor.
Where you’ll hop in the ring under a huge chandelier and participate in a group class or private training session under the wise tutelage of a professional boxer named Trinidad (he just so happens to own the place).

Eventually, you’ll make your way to the back.
Past the punching bags (handmade from Italian leather, along with the gloves), some vintage leather benches and lockers to their water bags, which simulate what it feels like to hit a real person. For what that’s worth.

And in the near future, you’ll be heading to the basement.
They’ll have a full weight room, treadmills and a stretch of turf for when you feel like doing sled pulls.

It’s okay if that’s never.


Unanimous Boxing Gym
2764 N Milwaukee Ave
(between Spaulding and Diversey)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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