What Do the Models Think of the Presumptive Presidential Nominees?

This Week’s Important Happenings as Told Through Beautiful Women

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
A lot has happened this week. A lot happens every week. But rarely do we ask the vital question: “What do our supermodels make of all this?” From now on, we ask, they answer, and you stay informed. This is Supermodels Reacting to the News...

J.P. Morgan released its secret summer reading list for top clients.
But Olya Jidkov is going to stick to the classics.

The presumed Democratic and Republican presidential nominees have the worst favorability ratings of any nominees in decades.
Hailey Clauson represents the prevailing sentiment.

The giant panda may soon be off the endangered species list.
Well, there’s six fewer hours of body paint sessions Cara Delevingne will need.

The Obama administration will try to combat noise pollution in the oceans in order to protect sea life.
Rachel Kim Cross wonders when her neighborhood will get the same treatment.

Aerosol sunscreen may not be all that effective.
Toni Garrn can’t hear you.

Voters in Northern California’s Bay Area approved a measure to raise taxes to restore wetlands around the region in hopes of combating future rising sea levels.
Constance Jablonski is in charge of the operation.

As many athletes ponder skipping the Rio Olympics due to fear of the Zika virus, Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford is freezing his sperm, just in case.
But Bianca Rentzke will be goddamned if she doesn’t get down there and take home the fencing gold.

And Anais Mali wouldn’t mind at all if her ankles didn’t always get bitten to hell.

Maria Sharapova was banned from professional tennis for two years for her use of a banned substance.
Marina Korotkova’s ready to step in.

Photos: Jamie Chan (Olya Jidkov); Jen Welters (Hailey Clauson); Arno Elias (Cara Delevingne); Aaron Browning (Rachel Kim Cross); David Bellemere (Toni Garrn); Boo George (Constance Jablonski); Nicolas Guerin (Bianca Rentzke); Emma Tempest (Anais Mali); Nicole Heiniger (Marina Korotkova)

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