The Most Beautiful Glass Homes You Can Rent

Just Some Transparent Homes You May Want to Sleep Inside

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 8 Photos The Most Beautiful Glass Homes You Can Rent
Treehouses. Remote beach huts. Luxurious ice hotels.

You’ve done it all. You’ve enjoyed it all. But, well, you’re ready for something new.

Something like, say, a highly contemporary glass home, with transparent walls allowing you to gaze thoughtfully at sweeping panoramic views.

Yeah. That sounds like it.

Should such a thing be of interest (and we know it is), we’ve tucked seven of the most beautiful such homes for rent right inside this slideshow. Some of them have geometric skylights, some have river access, and some will make you feel like you’re living in some sort of contemporary art installation.

And they’re all right in here...

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