Mediterranean-Style Home Cooking in the Mission

An Eastern Mediterranean Feastery from a Former Delfina Chef

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Friday. You made it. Way to go.

You deserve a celebration. We’re thinking a feast. One like your mom used to make if your mom happens to be Jordanian/Iranian/Greek and a former Delfina chef.


Anyway, that’s pretty much what’s going on at Tawla, a new Eastern Mediterranean spot that’s now open in the Mission and looks like this.

The space is all modern Medina, from the cozy back room complete with a living wall to those colorful tiles lining the marble-topped bar. It’ll all set the mood nicely for your next celebratory dinner.

So come with a group, at least to start. Your accomplices will come in handy when exploring this menu full of meze, freshly baked bread and a whole leg of lamb that serves four.

Things you won’t see: hummus. The Jordanian-born owner wanted to showcase the kind of food you’d eat at home in the Eastern Mediterranean. Things like musakhan, a wood-roasted chicken covered with allspice and sumac. We don’t think you’ll be mad about it.

Especially when you’re sipping on a Bon Vivants–created digestif like A Date to Remember with date-and-saffron-infused sherry. In fact, better take that one out on the patio, which opens next week.

Patio at the buzzer.

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