Things to do for June 08, 2016

The Weekender

Kanye-Inspired Ice Cream, Interactive Ghostbusters and Momofuku Brunching

Roam, if you want to, all around the weekend.

The Pitmasters Have Taken Over Pig Beach

The Pitmasters Have Taken Over Pig Beach

Good news: that sprawling outdoor barbecue spot in Gowanus is back open for the season. More good news: they’re inviting the best pitmasters from across America to take over the smoker over the course of the summer. First up are the folks from St. Louis’s Pappy’s Smokehouse. The “Pappy” means it’s good.

Jun 8-9, Jun 22-23, Jul 13-14, Aug 10-11, Aug 21-22, Sep 21-22, $50-$350, Pig Beach, 480 Union St (between Nevins and Bond), Brooklyn, 718-737-7181, tickets here

An Interactive Ghostbusters Viewing

An Interactive <em>Ghostbusters</em> Viewing

Sure, you’ve seen Ghostbusters before. But you probably haven’t seen it in a warehouse transformed into the movie’s firehouse headquarters, with live characters and the film’s actual props built into different sets and themed rooms. Getting Zuul’s autograph is a total possibility.

Handsome Traveling Things from Abroad

Handsome Traveling Things from Abroad

You walk into a small shop with hanging disks meant to give the impression of airplane windows. You find a selection of nicely curated Japanese and Swedish cleansing oils, face masks and phone-charging carry-ons. You leave, more prepared for summer vacationing than you entered. This is that situation.

Through Aug 31, Away, 325 Lafayette St (between E Houston and Bleecker), 646-895-9155

Momofuku Nishi’s Doing Brunch Now

Momofuku Nishi’s Doing Brunch Now

Momofuku Nishi brunch is now two days that involve pork-and-fried-egg sandwiches, scrambled eggs with bottarga and rice bowls with ocean trout and unagi sauce. Yeah, the ocean has trout.

Sat-Sun, noon-3pm, Momofuku Nishi, 232 8th Ave (between 21st and 22nd), 646-518-1919

A Kanye-Inspired Ice Cream Week

A Kanye-Inspired Ice Cream Week

This shop’s doing “Kanye Ice Cream Week,” inspired by the rare glimpses of happiness on Kanye’s face whilst eating ice cream. Go. Try the “Father Stracciatella My Hands Pt. 1.” Try the “Beautiful Morning Milkshake.” Try something else. Also feel happy.

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