Part Wine Museum. Part Wine Theme Park. All Glorious.

You’d Expect Nothing Less from Bordeaux

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If anyone had any doubt that Bordeaux is the world’s wine capital...

They just went ahead and opened a gargantuan wine museum/theme park, shaped like wine swirling in a glass.


Anyone would be looking rather silly right about now.

It’s called La Cité du Vin, it’s 10 stories dedicated to all of your wine tasting, touring and pretty much any other wine-related desire you might have, and it’s open now on the Bordeaux riverside.

You’ll find a slideshow right here. And you’ll find La Cité du Vin’s many uses below.

To taste wine with all of your senses. Sort of.
They’ve got this thing called the Buffet of Five Senses, wherein you’ll learn probably more than you need to know about wine’s colors, textures and flavors.

To take a simulated boat ride through wine history.
Should you want to more accurately imagine yourself as one of the ancient wine merchants sailing the high seas in a Roman tanker vessel, you can.

To have a very convincing Voltaire and Napoleon teach you about wine.
Whilst sipping wine. Naturally.

To pick up a bottle or three.
They’ve got 4,000 bottles from more than 80 countries. So you’ll probably find what you need.

To sip one of 500 wines at their wine bar.
Or head up to the scenic rooftop wine bar.

Which seems as good a place as any to leave you.


La Cité du Vin
134-150 Quai de Bacalan
1 Esplanade de Pontac
33300 Bordeaux
+33 (0)5 56 16 20 20
official website


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