What Do the Models Think of Paul Ryan’s Trump Endorsement?

This Week’s Important Happenings as Told Through Beautiful Women

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
A lot has happened this week. A lot happens every week. But rarely do we ask the vital question: “What do our supermodels make of all this?” From now on, we ask, they answer, and you stay informed. This is Supermodels Reacting to the News...

Lake Mead, America’s largest man-made reservoir, is at its lowest water level on record.
Ebonee Davis is in charge of taking the measurements.

Washington, DC, is on the verge of approving a $15 city minimum wage.
Good, because Stella Maxwell was sick of working for tips.

Elon Musk thinks humankind is living in a video game designed by a much more advanced civilization.
“Are you fucking serious?” asks Bluebell.

A new study says workaholics are also likely to suffer from depression and ADHD.
Edita Vilkeviciute, for example, is at the office at all hours.

On the other hand, a best-selling business writer says boredom may well be a path to greater productivity.
Anja Rubik is waiting for that phenomenon to kick in.

Governors Ball is this weekend. All eyes are on the Strokes.
But Jacquelyn Jablonski will be competing for the title of world’s most useless roadie.

A Mexican adult hospitality firm has chartered a ship for an eight-day sex cruise.
Capt. Josephine Skriver declined their request for her tugboat services.

That study claiming cell phones cause cancer may not be entirely correct.
Though Kate Bock was kind of enjoying not staring at hers all the time.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has finally said he’ll vote for Donald Trump.
Emily Ratajkowski is busting out the worry beads.

Photos: David Bellemere (Ebonee Davis, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Emily Ratajkowski); Gilles Bensimon (Stella Maxwell); Haris Nuken (Bluebell); Lachlan Bailey (Edita Vilkeviciute); Hunter & Gatti (Anja Rubik); Emma Tempest (Josephine Skriver); Richard Ramos (Kate Bock)

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