Your Date Will Not Be Displeased with This Situation

A Big, Beautiful Slice of Spain from the Absinthe Group

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We’re about to say some words.

And by the time you’re done reading them, you will have discovered the true meaning of life.

That, or where to take your next date. Can’t remember which.

Regardless, here’s Bellota, the new, long-awaited, seriously Spanish restaurant from the Absinthe Group. It’s now open in SoMa, and you can take it all in right here.

Bellota refers to jamón ibérico de bellota. And they take it very seriously here, as evidenced in part by the fact that whole legs of the stuff are hanging tantalizingly next to the glowing open kitchen.

Share that fun fact as you and your date partake of a roving cart’s many delights (hello, olives with skewered anchovies and pickled peppers) and the seafood stylings of the Costa Brava (hi, paella and whole roasted sea bass cooked a la plancha). They’re good at dinner in Spain.

All of this will be happening in a decidedly expansive former warehouse. Maybe at a bay laurel table in the dining room. Maybe in the lounge next to the baby grand. Maybe at the colorfully tiled U-shaped bar. Important thing is that it’ll be happening.

And since no proper date would be complete without drinking sherry that was poured from a barrel, you should probably partake in that activity as well.

So many activities.

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