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Sushi Hashiri Has Arrived from Tokyo

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“I’m big in Japan. Don’t question me.”
—This Place


It appears Sushi Hashiri has spoken. It’s the first stateside location of the Tokyo-based omakase spot that’s developed quite a reputation for being superior to other omakase spots, it’s open now in Mint Plaza, and here’s the slideshow.

Dates. Big-deal promotions. World Series wins. Those are but a few of the occasions when you’ll enter this not-unattractive room filled with glowing lights, huge portraits of John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix, and a continually changing video art installation on the ceiling.

After making a reservation for one of the three omakase experiences in the dining room, at the sushi counter or at the chef’s table (which requires two weeks’ notice), you’ll take a seat, unfold your linens and exchange pleasantries.

In addition to showcasing fresh fish from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, your comestible offerings will involve anything from sashimi to multiple kaiseki-style dishes, all of which will be prepared by a kaiseki chef from Kaygetsu in Menlo Park, a sushi chef from Hashiri 1.0 in Tokyo and an executive chef from Izakaya Yuzuki and Ame. So... good hands.

And don’t forget to bob and weave your way through the strong-to-very-strong wine, sake, whiskey, shochu and Japanese beer list. That part’s important.

To very-important.


Sushi Hashiri
4 Mint Plaza
(at 5th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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