Let’s Learn About and Have Sex

There Will Be Flogging and Education

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Well, it’s that time of the week where we feel compelled to alert you to the city’s best current opportunity for sexual enlightenment.

Get loose for NSFW and their Play Date, a very hands-on and educational five-story-townhouse sexual adventure, happening tomorrow and roughly every eight weeks after at an undisclosed location.

Before we dive in, know that you must be approved by what they call the Council. Translation: best look good (we have faith in you). You’ll get the address once approved. And while we know this is short notice, there are still a handful of tickets left for tomorrow’s party, which you’ll have priority access to and express screening if you tell them you heard about it from us.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the good stuff:

—It’s not a “sex party” per se, but they’re not going to stop you in any of the reservable rooms or the roof deck.

—It’s just as much about learning. All throughout the house, there’ll be classes, because continuing education is a part of any commitment to becoming a person who regularly attends these types of things. You can learn about sub/dom, how to take the perfect nude selfie, Japanese rope bondage... And yes, they’ll provide the ropes.

—Among the acceptable costumes in the dress code are a Tarzan gown and, of course, a tux. And animal-inspired fetish gear. You know, to keep it formal.

—The masks worn by the otherwise ill-clad staff were made by, and this is a real thing, animal mask designer extraordinaire Max Steiner.

—There’s an outdoor smoking patio and gazebo, and a Netflix-and-chill component in their theater, which just amuses us.

—There’ll be five DJs (including PONY and Alex Cecil), a renowned vegan chef from Russia and many sake cocktails, along with, of course, champagne.

—You can have yourself and whomever you like be erotically sketched for posterity.

—Knife throwers, snake charmers, bed of nails: check, check and check.

—Private fittings for custom Fleur du Mal lingerie will occur.

—The waterfall spa that exists is complete with jacuzzi and steam room, and amenities such as condoms, lube and toys.

—The next party will have a Roman bacchanalia theme, so go out and purchase a handsome toga, because there’s going to be a virtual-reality component, in which people will be able to check out some of the action on Snapchat, just to see if this kind of thing is for them.


address revealed upon membership approval

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