What Do the Models Think of the Class of 2016’s Job Prospects?

This Week’s Important Happenings as Told Through Beautiful Women

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
A lot has happened this week. A lot happens every week. But rarely do we ask the vital question: “What do our supermodels make of all this?” From now on, we ask, they answer, and you stay informed. This is Supermodels Reacting to the News...

Azealia Banks’s Twitter account was suspended after a racist tirade.
Solveig Mork Hansen’s only got the ol’ facepalm for that one.

CDC labs have been mishandling bioterror germs.
So Carmella Rose never ventures too far from the hand soap.

A prominent climatologist created an infographic showing how climate change is spiraling out of control.
So Sundal Roy will continue her tree-hugging ways.

The Desert Trip mega-concert sold out in three hours.
But Tia Nguyen will find a way in.

The Economic Policy Institute found that the college graduating class of 2016’s job prospects are the best since 2009.
Taylor Hill thought this warranted an extra-special graduation gift.

France’s president François Hollande decreed an end to the French institution of the 35-hour workweek.
Well, fuck it, then, Bella Hadid’s not going anymore.

Emma Watson and a number of other prominent figures were named in round two of the Panama Papers leaks.
Barbara Palvin will never tell where she hides her money.

The first successful Hyperloop test took place in the Nevada desert.
Linda Hoss is still faster.

DC’s had 15 consecutive days of rain.
Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard just didn’t see that coming.

Budweiser will call itself simply “America” until the election.
Pamela Bernier’s not feeling it.

Photos: Kenneth Willardt (Solveig Mork Hansen); Yves Huy Truong (Carmella Rose); Steven Kotas (Sundal Roy); Maison Vignaux (Tia Nguyen); Yorgos Lanthimos (Taylor Hill); Terry Tsiolis (Bella Hadid); Marcin Tyszka (Barbara Palvin); Miles Aldridge (Linda Hoss); Paolo Roversi (Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard)

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