A One-Two Punch of Napa Openings

Biscuits and Gravy by Day, Yakitori and Matcha Soft-Serve by Night

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As far as bad times to head to Napa go... not many.

But now’s probably one of the best, thanks to these two new spots called Southside and Miminashi.

The former is a breakfast, lunch and coffee situation, and the latter is a dinner situation from an Oenotri chef.

They’re both open now, this is what they look like, and here’s what’s waiting for you on the other side of your mini road trip...

The Concepts
Southside: An all-day café for leisurely breakfasts and picnic lunches to go. With beers, of course.
Miminashi: A modern izakaya in a historic building where you’ll head for dinner and sake after a day of wine tasting. Seems logical.

The Food
S: All-day breakfast. Biscuits and chorizo gravy. Cubanos.
M: Fresh, local sashimi. Yakitori of all stripes. A 24-ounce porterhouse steak. Ramen. Matcha soft-serve. Things you like, is all we’re saying.

The Drinks
S: Wrecking Ball coffee, local wines by the glass, beer on draft and, what the hell, cans of beer for good measure.
M: A strong-to-very-strong wine list from a former Bouchon/Ad Hoc sommelier, plus an extensive selection of sakes and Japanese whiskeys.

The Future
S: Buckets of fried chicken on the first Friday of every month. You pick them up, then you leave with them.
M: Lunch service.

So, bright, basically.

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