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Re: The Real Estate Options for Your Fish

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 11 Photos Isolate
Boy, do fish have it made.

They get to live in tanks like Isolate. It’s being called an integrated freestanding arrangement. But don’t feel bad about just calling it a really nice fish tank. See how nice.

It was conceived by a couple of designers who have had work exhibited in the MoMA and Centre Pompidou, if caliber is of any importance to you.

The container itself is a glass cube that’s been machine-polished to be “optically clear.” And the base is made of wood or acrylic that’s been precisely cut to fit the lighting and tank. Obviously, you have some options, like: whether you want a base of American walnut or ebonized walnut; whether you’d like a polished lamp or a more industrial look; and which color hand-painted resin skull you’d like to have your fish swimming in and out of.

Of course, “No skull, thanks” is also an option.

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