A Ray of Hawaiian-Brunch Sunshine Is Coming

Housemade Spam and Coconut Milk Punch in the Dogpatch

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“Yeah, it’s Hawaiian. And they let you eat brunch five days a week. What’s that? Can’t tonight. I’m dressing up as a Pegasus and going to a poetry slam.”

—You, saying one very important thing and one very stupid thing.

We forced those fake words into your mouth in an attempt to cleverly segue into ’Āina, a delightful little slice of Hawaiian brunchery that’s about to open its doors in the Dogpatch on Wednesday. Here’s a slideshow and a menu.

It’s clean and calm. It’s filled with succulents and almost has a meditative feel. An excellent frame of mind to be in when you show up one early afternoon with work people for plates of short rib loco moco and chicken katsu with scrambled eggs.

As the meal progresses, you’ll come to the realization that you’re brunching. On a Wednesday. And, fuck it, you’ll also have a little Spam musubi (featuring a housemade version of the canned stuff) and some amaro-forward coconut milk punch. Look at you go.

The table next to you will have some guava-filled malasadas on it. You’ll ask its inhabitants what those are and they’ll say they’re these Portuguese-style donuts that are popular in Hawaii.

Unrelated to any of this: they’ll also be starting dinner service soon.

Way to ruin the moment, dinner.

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