The Barbary Coast

This Place’s History Involves Jack Kerouac

It Also Involves Burgers and Bloodys on a Patio

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Jack Kerouac was a regular here back when it was the Old Spaghetti Factory.

You may remember it as the Bocce Cafe.

But all you need to know today is that we’ve got a new patio for you...

Form of: the Barbary Coast, a new place in North Beach to eat, drink and leisure yourself silly under the sun. It’s now open, here’s the slideshow, and here’s the menu.

Yes, there’s a patio. That’s important. There’s also an indoor component, which has a bar component, which has a drink made with bourbon and red wine... component. So keep that in your pocket for a rainy day.

As for all the other ones, it’s back out to the patio for barrel-aged drinks like the favorite-among-Beatniks Heroine with añejo rum, crème de banana and a tempura-fried banana garnish. Perhaps some baked bone marrow. Or a Carnivorous Beast, which is basically just a giant double cheeseburger with a dramatic name.

And since it’s Friday, and you deserve a weekend of happiness, we’d like you to start thinking about brunch as well.

You’ll be there. So will some horchata french toast and sriracha-spiced Bloodys. Maybe brunch will run on into dinner, where a whole new selection of drinks and beers and foods will await you.

The right patio can do that to a brunch.

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