The Bible of Men’s Hairdos

Maybe You Should Cut Your Own Hair...

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British men kept weekly standing appointments with their barbers well into the 1950s.

During WWII, every national army had its own regulation haircut.

A Teddy Boy haircut can best be pulled off by taking the hair down to a length of 10 cm and being paired with a bowling shirt.

All of these and more are things you’re going to learn in The Barber Book, an exhaustive volume of photos, pileous knowledge and classic hairdo how-tos.

After an introduction that makes you think deeper about the cultural significance of hair than you likely ever have, you’ll have at your disposal the history of 19 different men’s hairdos, along with illustrated instructions on how to achieve them yourself (obviously, leave the cutting part to the professionals) and what to wear with them. It can reasonably be called a male hair bible, and you can pick it up now from Phaidon.

[The Barber Book]

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