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You Will Subtly Turn This into a Party Spot

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This is an occasion where it’s appropriate to imagine sitting at a hotel bar, casually unwinding with a late-evening cocktail, when you meet the gaze of a mysterious and magnetic stranger.

They bring their drink over and ask if they may join you. You agree. Conversation ensues. As it turns out, they’re only in town for the weekend, and they want to ask you something...

They lean in. You can feel their warm breath on your ear, and they ask, “Would you like to electric longboard with me?”

This one-act play brought to you by 11 Howard, a SoHo hotel where attractive people will gather to cocktail, dance and electrically skateboard to varying degrees of hilarity. It’ll open on Friday.

First of all, the skateboard: everyone staying here gets one to use, because they just do. But for you, the local, plan on spending time at the Blond, the bar-cum-lounge, to school the newly arrived models and business folk in the dual, rich American traditions of “dancing” and “drinking.” They’ll love it.

You can check out a couple of the cocktails and the lounge here. Do not be fooled by the lounginess of said lounge. Chairs will be moved at the discretion of the merry folk who simply can’t resist the urge to cut rugs. In terms of sustenance, a Stephen Starr restaurant is imminent, so you’ll certainly want to check back in on that.

All that’s left is to figure out how to create the most romantic electric longboard experience possible.


11 Howard
11 Howard St
(at Lafayette)
New York, NY, 10013


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