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Some of the Best Burgers in Town Are Getting a New Home

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What follows is a story about a young family of homeless burgers.

Don't worry, though. It has a happy ending.

It even has a happy beginning, because here comes WesBurger ‘N' More, the new permanent home for some of this town's most beloved once-nomadic burgers. It's opening soon in the Mission, and here it is in pictures.

You know Wes. You've eaten his bugers and his gonzo tater tots covered with things like smoked lamb shawarma during his Wednesday pop-ups at Mojo Bicycle Café. And his fried chicken at Churchill. And now he’s gone and opened a restaurant that has… all of those things. Hark, a menu.

It looks a lot like a ‘70s-style diner inside, complete with a Brady Bunch-like stone wall, vinyl booths and a jukebox filled with Motown hits. These are all things that are pretty much guaranteed to make you happy.

Also good for that: burgers. More specifically, WesBurgers made from brisket and topped with things like queso. There's fried chicken, too. On sandwiches. By the bucket. In burritos. Repeat: fried chicken burritos.

They'll also have weekly specials like Texas-style barbecue and Lone Star beer (Wes is from Texas, you see). Not to mention late-night hours starting this summer.

Yes, that was the happy ending part.

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