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Tacos and Horchata from Machete Himself

Tacos, Tostadas and a Sunny La Brea Patio

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Danny Trejo and tacos.

Now that just makes damn good sense.

Thus: Trejo’s Tacos, a new spot for fried-chicken tacos, brisket tacos and you eating those tacos with a big smile on your face. It’s finally soft-open for lunch on La Brea, and here’s what it looks like.

The space was once a Taco Bell. Then it wasn’t. Now, Sir Trejo and some partners have turned it into a comely, casual spot for you and your friends to enjoy tacos, horchata, street corn and beer on a sunny patio while a painting of Trejo holding cleavers glares down at you. And it won’t just be you guys out there. Probably ever.

Nor will you be getting the same tacos you’ll find at, say, El Chato down the street. Instead, you’ll withstand the lines and order fried jidori chicken en-taco-ed in a lettuce tortilla, slow-roasted pork shoulder tacos with fermented hot sauce and (once their license comes in) a house lager pulled from a beer tap shaped like a meat cleaver.

And the fact that we mentioned a patio up there means that there’s a patio.

And that you can eat tacos on it.

Just needed reemphasizing, is all.


Trejo’s Tacos
1048 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90019


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