A Traveling Birthday Party That Lasts 103 Days

America: The Vacation

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The National Park Service turns 100 this year.

Now, you might nod politely at the statement. You might think about that time you went to the Grand Canyon when you were a kid. Or you might do nothing.

But you might just celebrate that centenary with a Hawaii-to-Maine 103-day party...

Which brings us to Centennial Celebration: 100 Days of GoParks, the party in question that hits America’s greatest parks and the cities in between.

Yes, this epic journey will involve planes, trains, automobiles and at least one Alaskan cruise. It will involve the Liberty Bell, mighty sequoias, walking suspension bridges and many wine tastings. It will involve stargazing, volcano watching, gold mines and Thomas Jefferson. It will involve you flicking through this slideshow.

The adventure starts in Honolulu, where you’ll avail yourself of all that the Sheraton Waikiki has to offer... or at least avail yourself of its swimming pool and beaches. Before it’s all finished, you’ll have hiked in Maine and perhaps ridden a bike in Death Valley before having one final farewell dinner in Las Vegas.

You’ve earned it.


Centennial Celebration: 100 Days of GoParks


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