Nice To Kizmeet You

Make Up For Missed Chances

Sometimes life moves a little too fast for you to take advantage of fate every time.

Or maybe not.

Kizmeet.com might just give you a second bite at those apples. Something like "Missed Connections" for the urbane professional, Kizmeet is a new online bulletin board where people can post and search for missed connections (sort of like Lost and Found for your game).

Recently launched in major cities like LA, DC and NY, Kizmeet has location categories like "gyms," "coffee shops" (apparently there's more action going on at Starbucks than at TenJune), "grocery stores" and "miscellaneous," which includes everything from a helipad to a Chuck E. Cheese (although you might need more help than this website if this is where you're hanging out), and locations are then broken down by neighborhood.

So the next time someone pulls a disappearing act after a meaningful eye-exchange over the broccoli at Citarella, or the train pulls away taking with it your future spouse, you can fight cruel fate with a little message on Kizmeet. Or check and see who's been scoping you.

There's only so much of you to go around, after all.

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