The Myriad

This New Castro Market Hall Has... Well, Everything

Coffee. BBQ Skewers. Cocktails. Phone Repair. Sure.

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“If only I could get a delicious green juice, followed by a barbecue skewer and a cocktail, all while having my cell phone repaired” is not something that just crossed your mind.

But it’s going to. All the time. Probably. Maybe some of it. Moving on...

To the Myriad, a brand-new market hall that’s now open in the Castro and catering to your every eating/drinking/phone-fixing/everything-else-ing need. Here it is now in pictures.

They’re just getting started, so they’ve got tons of new vendors arriving in the near future. But for now, here’s your breakdown for navigating a few of its current wonders...

You require: A healthy breakfast. Also, caffeine.
You’ll receive: The Raw Juice Company and Cro Cafe, complete with juice, toast, bagels and, yes, coffee.

You require: A stiff drink. Maybe a snack.
You’ll receive: Mrs. Jones, a bar in a shipping container pouring a rotating list of five delicious libations. And soon, you’ll be able to procure kits for making those libations at home. And here, have a meat skewer from Antonik’s BBQ while you’re at it.

You require: Cookies. Crepes. Sushi. Oysters. Flowers. Chocolate. Expertly butchered cuts of meat. Cell phone repair.
You’ll receive: Unbelievably, every single one of those things in the near future.

The near future looks bright.


The Myriad
2175 Market St
(at 15th)
San Francisco, CA, 94114


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