All Omakase, All the Time

You, Your Date and 12 Sushi Courses on Fulton

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Having to make too many of them tends to be a burden.

Having to make too few of them tends to be boring.

Having to make none of them tends to be how things go at Ju-Ni. It’s an airy little omakase joint that’s now open in NoPa, it looks like this, and you’re about to go there and let the chef place a bunch of random edible things near your mouth.

But, omakase and all, you already knew that. What you may not know is that Geoffrey Lee, the sushi master here, previously wielded his knife at Akiko’s and Sushi Ran. This means good things.

This means that after you settle into your seat at the gleaming wooden sushi bar, you’ll be presented with 12 selections of nigiri (ju-ni means “12” in Japanese), plus a bunch of other surprises that will change depending on what looks best to Lee.

So you’re hanging out with your date. You’re trusting people. You’re ordering wine under the ever-attentive tutelage of a Gary Danko sommelier. Then, you’re forced to make a decision...

Wait, no. Still no decisions.


1335 Fulton St
(between Divisadero and Broderick)
San Francisco, CA, 94117


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