Urban Cowboy B&B

They Call This Place “Urban Cowboy” for a Reason

Claw-Foot Tubs, Whiskey and Gramophone Chandeliers in East Nashville

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Your new spring itinerary involves the following:

—Late-night soul food post dancing at honky-tonks.

—Leisurely baths in a 19th-century Queen Anne mansion.

—A noticeable dearth of body shots.

Phew. Thank God we used the word “dearth” there...

Enjoy a sigh of relief for your health and well-being at Urban Cowboy B&B—the decidedly Southern sister to their original Brooklyn location, soft-open today in the heart of East Nashville.

Don’t be alarmed if you open this slideshow and mistake this place for the set of an indie folk-rock music video. We promise it’s a very hospitable bed-and-breakfast, complete with nine unique suites, personal claw-foot tubs and several communal parlors in which to enjoy biscuits and gravy, gratis whiskey and titillating conversation with like-minded strangers.

Eventually, they’ll transform the back house (formerly a stable) into a fully functioning restaurant and bar. But for now, if you’re not otherwise engaged in various eclectic East Nashville–y activities, we recommend spending time in the B&B’s musical parlor.

It’s a Southwestern deco-style room decorated with a gramophone chandelier, a glass piano-like coffee table and one totally badass cello.

Okay, so maybe this is a set for that music video...


Urban Cowboy B&B
1630 Woodlands St
Nashville, TN, 37206


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