A Subterranean Ping-Pong Warehouse in River North

18,000 Square Feet of Table Tennis and Mezcal

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How to go about building your own ping-pong empire:

1) Win an Academy Award for Best Actress.

2) Engender a devout passion for table tennis.

3) Become Susan Sarandon.

Hmm. Might be tough. Especially that whole becoming-another-person thing...

So maybe just cut your losses and visit SPiN, the ping-pong empire that Susan Sarandon hath built, whose biggest club to date now resides in our fair city.

All 18,000 square feet of this place soft-opens next Friday. Allow us to break it down for you thusly...

The Food: Expect a menu of shareable bar snacks (like truffle fries), some Asian-centric dishes (like the bulgogi-inspired skirt steak sandwich) and a homemade Oreo with white chocolate mousse. That last one defies parentheticals.

The Drinks: Large-format cocktails. Bottled cocktails. A mezcal-and-English-cider drink called the Salt Lake Susan. Which brings us to...

The Susan Sarandon Interview: Wherein the boss lady herself enlightens you on the optimal level of ping-ponging sobriety and the best celebrity table tennis players. (Spoiler: Prince is just as good as you think he is.)

The Grand Tour: That’s what this annotated slideshow is for.


344 N State St
(near Kinzie)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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