You No Longer Have to Schlep Your Skis on Vacation

You Now Have a Personal Sherpa to Do It for You

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Let’s think back to the olden days.

Back to the wretched bygone era when you had to haul your skis onto airport concourses or wait for your golf clubs to come down a baggage claim carousel. You know, way back to yesterday.

Thankfully, you now live in a world of Dufl Sports, a service that lets you travel with sporting equipment like pro athletes do. Well, at least the part where they don’t have to schlep their own equipment.

This company made a splash last year with a service that lets you keep a closetful of clothes in their storage facility. Then, with an app, you tell them what to pack and ship to your destination, and they make sure it arrives when you do.

Now, instead of ties, it’s your scuba gear. Or your mountain bike. Or your snowboard. Or your lawn darts.

But it works the same way. You sign up. They send you shipping labels. You schedule a time for them to pick up your gear. It’ll all be photographed, cataloged and stored until you request it.

Then, with a few clicks, you’ll ensure that you have your clubs/archery targets/trapeze waiting for you at your destination.

The trapeze counts as a sport, right?

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