Things to do for February 17, 2016

The Weekender

Floating Beer Parties, Ansel + PDT and High Graffiti

The weekend would like to thank its agent. Jim, you’re the greatest.

A.P.C., Oak Street, Etc., Almost Free

A.P.C., Oak Street, Etc., Almost Free

It’s the end of a season. Well, almost. Close enough for French Garment Cleaners to have all the A.P.C., Oak Street, Maison Kitsuné, Engineered Garments and other brands you like wearing at up to 90% off. Which is close enough for you.

Ansel + PDT + Secrets

Ansel + PDT + Secrets

Here’s where you’ll sit at Dom’s hidden upstairs after-hours tasting table and let an seven-course, all-dessert menu with cocktail pairings from PDT’s founder wash over you. Expect chocolate-caramel crispy potatoes, cabernet-whiskey-curaçao concoctions, huckleberry-topped brioche... Expect to feel very, very pleased with your life choices.

It’s Called a Beer Cruise, So...

It’s Called a Beer Cruise, So...

Not all boats in the NYC harbor are heated, floating beer cruises, where you tour around Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge whilst sampling beers from 30 NY breweries. Some of them. This one is, that’s for sure.

They’re Pretty Much Graffiti Legends

They’re Pretty Much Graffiti Legends

It’s a tribute to graffiti artists like Skeme, Bio, Ces, John “Crash” Matos and other big names that’ve shaped the state of street art throughout the years. Expect to see their work showcased on photos of trains, streets and everywhere else. And, sure, maybe the occasional canvas.

What Else Is New
Maple-Bacon-Chocolate Rice Pudding Lives

Maple-Bacon-Chocolate Rice Pudding Lives

Someone Who Really Likes Rice Pudding: “I fear there aren’t enough rice pudding shops.”
Us: “Here’s one. They’ve got 15 classic ice-cream-inspired flavors, and then rotating seasonal ones like pumpkin and caramel apple.”
SWRLRP: “Anything else I need to know?
Us: “Their opening special is maple-bacon-chocolate.”
SWRLRP:Yeah it is.”

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