Here’s Something New from the Spare Room People

Something That’s an All-Day Diner in Echo Park

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In no way does this involve talking hybrid animals. Or Doritos. Or feeding Scott Baio. Or sacks.


But it does involve Winsome, a new all-day neighborhood restaurant from the Spare Room’s owners. It’s now serving breakfast and lunch in Echo Park, with every other eating opportunity to follow soon. See it here in technicolor.

What a dashing, hospitable diner you’ll be frequenting beneath the Elysian apartments from now on. Like the next time you’re headed to Downtown to helm one of those sedan commercials where LA looks like Manhattan. Just pop in and grab a seat at the curvy blond-wood counter.

Order a macchiato with some monkey bread from a former Republique pastry chef. Or duck egg/’nduja toast with horchata from another Spare Room fixture. Never too early for horchata.

Then, someday, you can make it official over lunch with your Angelino Heights neighbor friends. Rallying for grass-fed burgers and corned-beef sandwiches on the huge patio would be a strong play. But for starters, we picture you more in the back, experimenting with your rockfish boil below the vibrant wallpaper of an Echo Park Lake watercolor mural from 1938.

Not sure. It’s just how we picture you.


1115 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90012


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