Leo’s Oyster Bar

Leo’s Oyster Bar Is Here, and It’s Magnificent

Oysters and Champagne Cocktails in FiDi

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Hello and welcome to another installment of It’s Friday and You Deserve to Be Happy.

We’re still working on the name. But it’s Friday. And you deserve to be happy.

And here’s Leo’s Oyster Bar, a well-appointed oasis for drinks and seafood in the Financial District. It’s now open, and you can take a look at it in all its mid-century glory right here.

This is the latest spot from the team behind Marlowe. And it has a similar brand of easy excess, just with a more distinctive identity. Specifically, a champagne-cocktails-and-oysters one. Here, have a menu.

So you’ll stride across the Moroccan tile floor to the underlit brass-and-onyx bar. You’ll start with Mr. Nicholas’ Liquid Lunch—an ice-cold martini served with a dish of spicy pickles on the side. You’ll move on to a bottle of vintage champagne, a dozen oysters on the half shell and some caviar.

Right about then is when you’ll lock eyes with some attractive stranger down the bar. We’d imagine that person would be open to joining you in the conservatory for an uni-butter-gilded lobster roll. Or perhaps on another visit in the more secluded Champagne Bar, which conveniently opens on Valentine’s Day.

It’s like they’re doing that on purpose.

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