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Meet Factory Kitchen’s Northern Italian Sister

Risotto, Nebbiolo and Other Delicious Italian Words

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Throw another log on the fire.

Sure, that’s blizzard talk.

But around here, it’s just the way your dinner is being prepared.

At Officine Brera, a 1920s warehouse that’s been converted into the Arts District’s next important Italian place. It’s from the fine Factory Kitchen people, and it’s now taking reservations for a February 5 opening.

First thing you’ll want to do is check out this slideshow.

Nice, right? Just a really beautiful-looking, red-brick-lined dinner destination of mixed industrial materials, factory-style windows and soaring ceilings set off by skylights. The kind of place where you’ll go one-on-one with someone you have things in common with. Like a daily habit of sustaining existence through food.

Get a table where you can watch all those logs being used for your dinner through the glassed-in kitchen. They’ll be used in the grill and the oven and the rotisserie. They’ll be used everywhere, and you’ll be a better person for it.

So there you’ll be. Mesmerized by the flames, nebbiolo and that mischievous glint in your date’s eye. You’ll take turns dipping your tines into some risotto while positing the important questions of the evening, like “Slow-braised boar or oven-roasted whole fish?”

Importance is open to interpretation in this scenario.


Officine Brera
1331 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA, 90021


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