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The Causwells Burger Gets a Shiny New Home

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Pluto: actually a planet?

Who makes the best burger in San Francisco?

Yes, life is full of seemingly unanswerable questions.

And here to further complicate that last one is Popsons, a new brick-and-mortar establishment that’s 1) all about the burgers, and 2) opening for lunch tomorrow in SoMa. If we could make this slideshow edible, we would.

Their classic cheeseburger may be familiar to you. It started its life at Causwells, then quickly skyrocketed to the top of all San Francisco burger-related discussions. So much so that its creators set out to build a whole damn restaurant solely for said burger.

That’s Popsons. And that’s where you’re going to eat things more often than not for the foreseeable future.

They’ve taken that burger and given you the option to top it with chili or bacon or blue cheese or a bunch of other things that err on the delicious side. And sure, they’ve got other things like fries and a salad, but we urge you to keep your eyes on the prize. Here’s the menu to help with that.

Oh, and they’ll be opening for dinner next Monday.

Is it weird that we feel like apologizing right now?

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