A Grand Voyage on Foot

Bowie-Inspired Boots Are Involved

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
There are a couple of ways to go about this.

Work in footwear for 15 years, design some Bowie-inspired boots of your own and use your connections in the Bowie-inspired-boot world to have them handmade in Italy in the same factories as Chanel and Louboutin.

Or, well, just reap the benefits of someone who’s done all that...

Here to make that clear choice clearer: Grand Voyage, purveyor of good-looking footwear designed in LA and made in Italy where it makes more sense to do that kind of thing, online now.

The man behind this brand has led a rather shoe-centric life. The type of life that makes a person trust his ability to design attractive shoes and throw them in a webshop, without question.

It’s where you’ll find those Bowie-inspired suede-and-leather boots. Some classic black leather derbies. Some leather high-tops with suede detailing. Some Kerouac-inspired plum-colored slip-ons.

Inspiration works in mysterious ways.

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