Rhythm Nation

Sturgeon. Caviar. Bourbon. The Two of You.

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There was something missing on your last date.

It wasn’t your shirt. That was definitely there.

It certainly didn’t have to do with the company. The company was good.

Right. Must’ve been Cadence, a new place to eat, drink and get to know each other a little better in an environment that can best be described as “Stork Club circa 1952.” It opens Wednesday on Market, and it looks like this.

There’s a mid-century thing happening here. Gold walls. Chrome accents. A soundtrack that occasionally includes old-school hip-hop. That last part’s new.

Still, it’ll all make sense once you factor in the fact that the cocktailsmiths who brought you Mr. Tipple’s Recording Studio and a chef from Wayfare Tavern are behind it. (Here’s the menu.)

Couple ways to play this. You and your date could settle into a faux-fur-backed booth in the dining room for one of two four-course, prix fixe menus. There will be sturgeon. There will be caviar. There will be drinks like the Lunar New Year with bourbon and kumquats.

Or you could opt for the bar area. Maybe at one of the communal tables. Maybe in a half-moon booth that lends itself quite well to inching closer as the evening progresses.

Never underestimate the power of the half-moon.

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