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How Beverly Hills Does Tempura

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It didn’t exactly start with your solemn vow to consume more fried foods.

But then... along came Tempura Endo, an upscale import from Kyoto that wants to serve you an extensive succession of battered and fried morsels, now open in Beverly Hills. (Your slideshow is right here.)

In essence, it’s a tempura spot. But it’s more like an elevated omakase experience where rare Wagyu, king crab and uni get coated in a light batter containing California chardonnay. The type of place where you could take visiting dignitaries or someone else’s parents or people who are the exact opposite of those people.

You’ll only find 16 seats in this wee, woody nook of Japanese refinement. Reserve yours at the counter for unobstructed views of your dinner being prepared in giant copper fryers and personal tips on which of their many salts should be paired with the golden prawns and cognac-flambéed sweet potatoes. Choosing erroneous salts is a slippery slope.

So you’ll drink. You’ll eat. You’ll share your appreciation for the servers’ fine kimonos. Then, when the great feast concludes, you’ll be led into a small alcove for a traditional green tea ceremony.

Before going somewhere else for a martini.


Tempura Endo
9777 S Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA, 90210


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