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So You’re Going to St. Barths and Need a Whiskey Bar...

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None 6 Photos The Christopher Columbus Suite at Eden Rock St. Barths
You’re going to St. Barths to get away from the cold. Just you and a friend.

So keep it simple.

You two don’t need much, really. Just the ice-blue waters. Sandy beaches. Tranquility. Views of St. Jean Bay. Wraparound terraces. Fully stocked whiskey bar. A bed so big, it almost qualifies as an island itself. Also, if chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten wants to be involved somehow, that’s fine, too.

So it sounds like you may be interested in booking the Christopher Columbus Suite at Eden Rock St. Barths (this is the slideshow). Built for two, it’s the newest way-over-the-top accommodation from the German-based hotel group. Yes, it already had the French cuisine courtesy of Jean-Georges, a bar on the beach, stunning views and paddleboard yoga. Now it just needed... this.

A 2,200-square-foot suite named after that guy who “discovered” America—spotting the St. Barthélemy Island in 1493. As you may recall, Eden Rock was the playpen for Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes. But they already had rooms named after them.

Ol’ Chris deserved a mention somewhere.


The Christopher Columbus Suite at Eden Rock St. Barths
St. Jean Bay
St. Barthélemy, F97133
French West Indies
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