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A Cocktail Laboratory in Bushwick

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Today in outstanding bar names...

Yours Sincerely, a Bushwick cocktail experiment where everything is on draft. It’s open now.

This is right next to Dear Bushwick, and is from the same people (they’ll also soon share a coveted outdoor space). So think of it as the logical nocturnal and epistolary conclusion to time spent there. A bucolic post-pork-chop destination where they oblige your cocktail requests by swiftly pulling a handle and giving you one, in a beaker.

You’ll see a run-down bodega right next door to DB. Only it isn’t a run-down bodega. It’s this. Walk in and start yelling “Transmit My Box.” No one will think that’s weird, because it’s a drink of chipotle-infused mezcal, Aperol, agave and chocolate.

Enjoy one of those, then inquire about the draft cocktail shots, because those sound fun. But think better of it, and instead ease down with a housemade ginger ale/scotch. And we’re easing. Still easing. And... story over.

Here’s the full menu, complete with charming handwritten flow chart for helping you decide on your beverage. And here are several well-composed photos of the place and its cocktails.

For helping you see the place and its cocktails.

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