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Salt’s Cure: Bigger. Better. Gin-ier.

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Happy holidays.

Happy new year.

Happy new Salt’s Cure.

In conclusion: happy. Because, yes, there’s a new Salt’s Cure that’s now open in Hollywood’s old Ammo space, and it’s only going to improve what didn’t really need improving (except there’s alcohol now, so yay). Anyway, here’s your slideshow.

You’ll maintain your same general priorities here. Introducing your dates and friends to whole animals butchered in-house into magically delicious bone-in pork chops, burgers with proprietary bacon and pot roast next to stems of dear, life-affirming wine. Nice to see everyone still getting along.

But now, you’re doing this with at least three times the legroom. In a blond-wood-trimmed dining room. Most likely sitting under a giant wall hog and wall cow. Which might feel a little different.

Different. Yes. There’s that, too. In the form of those Singapore Slings and Sidecar Collinses emerging from the fetching full bar. And the slim alfresco patio out front where you’ll drink those. And the open kitchen window you’ll poke your head into just to say hi to the chefs.

Or, you know, sorry for not helping with the move.


Salt’s Cure
1155 Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90038


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