The Year in Short

Oh, Just Some Random Things We Said in 2015

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Looking back over our correspondence from this past year, we’re struck by a few recurring things.

The laughs. The drinks. The way one sentence followed another sentence in a more or less coherent order.

But what if, say, we took one—just one—of those pillars away. Certainly not the laughs. Certainly not the drinks, either.

Sorry, coherence. It was a good run. See you next year.

So here it is: the Year in Short. All of the out-of-context quotes that made 2015 what it was.

“... whiskey, leather and a virgin are involved.”

“... that tree is a block of wood that you can put your face on.”

“... you’re a fool to trust sea monkeys around your sandwich.”

“A mural of the history of balls.”

“Because they’re always named Günther.”

“Congrats on getting to say ‘Ting’ now.”

“Now there was a guy who could paint the hell out of a water lily.”

“Because interns and rum... always such a great combination.”

“You’re like Fallon, but worse.”

“It’s one of Mick’s stranger fever dreams, to be sure.”

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