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Good Ramen, Good Beer and a Good Patio

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The only thing standing between you and a long holiday weekend is a nice lambrusco and a bowl of jidori chicken ramen.

That, and about five or so days.

But, hey, put your mind to it and there’s no obstacle you can’t surmount.

A good place for putting your mind to it: Ozu East Kitchen, a simple new corner spot that’s about to raise the ramen bar and serve its noodles with good beer and wine. It opens tomorrow in Atwater Village, and here it is now.

This ramen isn’t like most ramens. For one, you’ll find it on Atwater’s most Portlandian stretch in a minimalist white-and-black bento box with walnut cubes for seats and a large mural of friends slurping noodles.

Arrive with a date. Hit the counter and start with something like fried jidori thigh or the pork shoulder scallion pancake roll. Then, get into some kimchi cream udon with shrimp or the pork-belly-topped chicken broth ramen.

Those will be delivered to your counter on the side patio, where you’ll be drinking sake, Japanese beer with a slushy head or a draft Acorn Saison from Craftsman.

Oh, and the Beastie Boys used to have their offices upstairs. Hence that MCA mural.

Which has nothing to do with ramen, but still.


Ozu East Kitchen
3224 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90039


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