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You Can Now Rent a Swiss Alp for the Night

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The Swiss are pretty generous in the ways they let you use their Alps.

They let you ski down them. They let you yodel from them. They let you eat fondue on them. And if you get lost on one, they’ll even send a Saint Bernard with a brandy keg around its neck to find you.

Now, in their most magnanimous act, they’ll let you have one for the night. For a small fee, of course.

The historic Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz, snug in the Engadine valley region, is offering the Rent Your Own Mountain Experience, which includes unfettered use of Corvatsch Mountain for five hours, from 7pm to 2am, for about $10,000 USD.

Yes, before you ask: that price does include your own private DJ.

Otherwise, you and nine friends are in for an evening of skiing, dipping things into fondue pots, sipping wine and nibbling desserts. Oh—and you get a complimentary bus transfer from the hotel to the 9,950-foot mountain. Of course, they can upgrade it to a horse-drawn carriage if you’re dead set against bus transfers.

Saint Bernard transfers, however—well, probably not an option.


Rent Your Own Mountain Experience
at Kulm Hotel
St. Moritz
+41 (0) 81 836 80 00
official website


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