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Raise your wrist and look at it.

Keep looking.

You can do better.

Because now there’s Larsson & Jennings, a powerfully minimalist little Nolita place for Anglo-Swedish watches you’ll want. It’s open now.

All you’re going to see here is watches. There’s just nothing else here. Well, there’s a guy selling watches, but other than that, just those fine pieces of horology.

In addition to your 40 mm stainless-steel-chain-metal-banded beauties and your black-and-gold automatic with 21-jewel movement, sweeping second hand and Swiss AR-coated crystal sapphire glass (we blacked out there for a minute), they’ve got a new custom operation for you.

That would be the LJX Custom, a timepiece for which you can choose from a bunch of different face and bezel options, and several different British or Swedish leather straps.

Great with the leather, the Swedes.


Larsson & Jennings
26 Prince St
(between Elizabeth and Mott)
New York, NY, 10012


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