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Searching for Dragons in Indonesia

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Now is a time for reflection.

And if there’s one thing you learned in 2015, it’s that 2016 should involve much, much more... island hopping.

Acquaint yourself with Volcanoes, Dragons and Beaches, an excellently named 12-day trip that whirlwinds you all through Indonesia, booking now.

Warning: you’re going into this one person and coming out of it another. Sorry. There’s just no way you can do the things in the places listed below without getting at least 84% more worldly.

Ubud and Moni
Highlights: Descending about 100 steps to see 11th-century royal tombs cut into a steep cliff. Climbing a volcano to view three crater lakes, one whose name translates to “Lake of Young Men and Maidens.” This speaks to you.

Bajawa and Ruteng
Highlights: Hiking through traditional Ngada tribal villages with megalithic stone-and-stilt houses. Sleeping surrounded by paddy fields. (See the slideshow.)

Two-Day Cruise
Highlights: Stalking the highly dangerous Komodo dragons before snorkeling at Pink Beach (the sand’s created from red coral). Maybe don’t research whether Komodo dragons can swim or not.

Labuan Bajo and Sanur
Highlights: Catching a cultural Barong dance. Visiting a bat cave. Maybe taking a nap at some point.

(Definitely taking a nap at some point.)

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