The Best of 2015

The Very Best of the Year That Was

0b583d4e6a8992d11e95caea6bd0aa9913 PhotosThe Best of 2015
Oh, 2015.

It’s like you looked down upon Chicago and said:

“If there’s one thing this town needs this year, it’s more steakhouses.

“If there’s another, it’s grander hotels.

“And if there’s anything beyond steak and hotels, it’s probably, oh, some sort of reinvented dive bar in Logan Square.

“That’s all Chicago needs this year, though. Nothing more. Well, maybe a place that lets you nap during lunch. And a few wild cards to keep things interesting.

“Then just let Brendan Sodikoff fill any other holes.”

And that... pretty much explains the Best of 2015 slideshow.

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