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Sleeping in Elizabeth Taylor’s Mexican Love Pad

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1960s Hollywood gossip recap: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had a famously passionate affair.

2015 Hollywood gossip update: their old homes are now a hotel in Mexico.

Lean in close for Casa Kimberly, a quixotic nine-room hotel with a tequila bar, an open-air restaurant and a spa in the infamous thespians’ former homes, booking now in Puerto Vallarta.

This is your classic “boy meets girl, boy buys girl a Mexican palace across from his, boy connects them with a replica of Venice’s Bridge of Sighs, boy eventually marries and divorces girl... twice” kind of love story. The happy ending: you get to rendezvous there now.

Expect some subtle nods to the history throughout. Paintings of Liz with her piercing baby blues. The Richard Burton Suite that was once his old sitting room. The Elizabeth Taylor Suite with the heart-shaped tub she commissioned, which somehow arrived in a realistic, amorphous heart shape. (Time for the slideshow.)

Really, you’ll never have to leave the property. There’s the bay view. The spa with private jacuzzis. The Iguana Restaurant & Tequila Bar that’s surely named after The Night of the Iguana, filmed there and starring Mr. Burton.

Okay, maybe the nods aren’t so subtle.

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